Artists Statement

Artists Statement

Paper has been an integral part of human life and has played a key role in societal and personal development since ancient times. Initially used to document and store information, paper was then bound and transformed into books, and as paper became readily available it was soon used as a cheap and immediate receptacle for the sharing of information and ideas. Books became containers – vessels for thoughts, feelings and knowledge.

Paper itself is a vulnerable material. It is susceptible to the elements, can be crumpled, ripped, burnt, stained and it can also decay over time. Considerable resources are expended each year in the task of preserving old tomes, and papers are now mostly developed acid-free to stop them degrading, further emphasizing our emphatic need for paper despite the development of modern technology and the internet. Paper is perhaps becoming an outdated method of sharing information but there is still a strong reverence for the old and a need to preserve the written word. Paper has yet to succumb to the pressure of technology and I believe this perfectly expresses the strength of paper as a multi-faceted artistic medium.

I often let my materials dictate colour, texture and feel and strive to allow the qualities of the paper to speak for itself. Through experimentation with paper techniques and effects I endeavour to explore the contemporary market for paper crafted items, working to reinvent the role of paper in the modern age.


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