Young Creative Awards 2012

Last week I was thrilled to receive news that I had been shortlisted for the Young Creative Awards 2012!

This years brief ‘Nottingham Welcomes the World’ instantly spoke to me and I just knew I had to enter. After moving from my hometown Bath, Nottingham seemed big and daunting and scary to me – but I couldn’t have been made more welcome. During my time at University I met a diverse range of people from all over the world, and after graduating the city’s unique, multicultural atmosphere was one of the many reasons I decided to stay and call Nottingham home.

The award ceremony took place at Nottingham Contemporary, with all of the entrants incredible work on display. I entered the Fashion 19-24 category, and after picking up and devouring the program I realised only myself and my good friend and fellow maker Rhea Clements were shortlisted in our category!

After a thoroughly enjoyable evening of awards, live music from talented local artists, and lots of positive feedback from people who clearly believe in the power of young talent, the Fashion category was up and I received a Highly Commended award – and even more uplifting Rhea won our category with a fantastic knitted necklace inspired by local Jamaican culture!

Its a wonderful feeling to know that your work is of a high enough standard to receive recognition, and even more inspiring to see just how incredible the competition is!

My favourite entry of the night, and the very well deserved Young Creative of the Year award went to SNC Textiles student Rhiannon Coffey, who created a bespoke vintage-style furniture set designed for the recently refurbished Nottingham Railway Station. Unfortunately I cant find an image of her work but believe me, it was absolutely spectacular and i’m considering commissioning one of her gorgeous pieces for my house.